Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Truck Driving and Walmart Fighting

Well, I've made my way to sunny Florida. After a teary goodbye with some of the best friends I'll ever have (I had something in my eye), emily and I made our way across half the country in a 16' Budget rent-a-truck with my Explorer hitched to the back. Every gust of wind gave me the feeling of impending doom.

Anyway, I'm here safe and sound. And in an effort to give you some sort of creative artistic output on a blog once solely intended for that purpose, I'd like to share a little story with you.

One of my former coworkers at NI, let's call him B. Vasquez for short, came in to work one day with a bit of a messed up face. Apparently he had been sick for the past few days, and late the previous night he needed to make a quick run to Walmart for some o' the sweet sweet NyQuil. Well apparently, a young fellow there with his special lady friend took offense to B. for some reason. The citizen claimed that B. was checkin' out his lady, which I know for a fact could not have been the case since B. really only has eyes for the mystical colors and shapes within the World of Warcraft. At any rate, this guy decided to tactfully discuss his thoughts with B. by smashing his fist repeatedly into Mr. Vasquez's face. Really, quite crazy.

The cops pulled him off B. and took the violent individual to 'tha clink'. We found out later that was his third strike. Surprise!

Anyway, since Mr. Vasquez had been extremely enamored with his new iPod of late and I was bored at work, here's what I whipped up.

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Cody said...

Twisty straws are indeed quite crazy.