Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why you should always check my blog...

I know that typically when I read blogs, I tend to ignore all the stuff along the right hand side of the page (and occasionally the crap along the left hand side as well). Usually you'll find links to other blogs, some minimal profile information, and once in a while some sellout even puts some Google AdSense nonsense over there that nobody'll ever click on. (Last I checked this sellout was apparently hocking Fashion Schools. Wha?)

Not to hype my own blog too much (just go ahead and ignore the title of this post), but I wanted to point out something I feel is kinda sorta unique here at the ol' blogspot. Under the Interesting Internets section, you'll find a whole bunch of random links. These are links that I see in my Google Reader, then publish to my lazy man's blog. Essentially, as I read random internet stuff, if I find it somewhat interesting I'll share it for everybody to see on the above link. The most recent 5 links are also shown on my blog. This way, even if I don't post any original Wheezy content, there's always a small section of my blog that has something new.

Think of it as a little loop hole that allows me to claim new content without really doing anything.

Another point of note is that I used to draw web comics and post them here. I'd like to get back into that habit.

And so, a new comic for you. I've always claimed that it's a good idea to get on the liver transplant list as soon as possible, just in case something horrible happens as I continue drinking away brain cells. I'd like to think my other internal organs agree with that philosophy.

(Click image to Enlarge)

On a related note ... having a cup filled with numerous straws, whether they be crazy or sane, is always a good idea in case of spilled beer.

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