Sunday, December 30, 2007

Guest Comic to bring in the New Year

I'll be on planes and my internet status is unknown to me for the next few days, so if you're sitting at your computer hitting refresh you're rewarded with a comic a day early!

Another year has come and gone, and another Johnny Nguyen comic original is laid before your comedy yearning eyes.

One thing that I've come to understand as the maker of a comic strip is that the majority of ideas spawn from some sort of real life events. It's pretty rare that an idea just pops into your mind from out of nowhere, with no prompting as you sit idly watching TV, (although many ideas do spawn while sitting on the toilet, at least in my case. (No "idea" is not a metaphor for "poop" Ben)). So with Johnny's latest offering I have to assume that this situation or something similar to it happened somewhere along the line.

You gotta find a new place to go dancing bud.

(Click to Enlarge)

Hope everybody had a merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, and has stupendous 2008.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Miracles Do Come True

Well another holiday, another wonderful experience in the world of commercial airlines.

Really though. Not even being the least bit facetious.

Admittedly, my flight was delayed getting into my connecting city, about an hour or so - which meant we touched down the same time my connecting flight should have been taking off. Fortunately though, that flight was delayed as well, allowing me just the right amount of time to get on board before it took off.

On top of that, one of my buddies from Full Sail was on the same flight, in the seat next to me - so I had some company that wasn't crazy or odorous. Plus, he had been given two drink vouchers for moving seats on the previous flight, and since he didn't drink he gave them to me.

In conclusion - made it to Omaha without being stuck in another city, plus a free drink. Honestly the best outcome I could have hoped for.

Well, maybe not the absolute best I could have hoped for.

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Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Writer's Strike?

I'm as surprised as you are that I haven't mentioned anything with regards to the whole writer's strike thing that is going on. I've kind of been avoiding it since the rest of the internet is completely ablaze with talk, but recently I was made aware of a movie trailer that had me thinking about the future of Hollywood. Ever hear of 10,000 BC? (The movie, not the year). Me neither, but check out this trailer.

I'm not sure what history books Warner Brothers is reading, but last I checked Dinosaurs, elephants, and Egyptians didn't really go together. I'll be the first one to admit that going to the movies requires a suspension of disbelief, but you gotta wonder how that movie was thought up and who was behind it.

(Click to Enlarge)

Don't forget to check out my latest animation if you haven't already. Thanks for all your comments (via messenger or official commenting methods)! It's encouraging to hear that you guys don't think my stuff is garbage.

Might not be Pixar quality yet, but I'm really enjoying it. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steve Martin as ... Tobias Funke?

I've wrapped up my animation class for the month and, as promised, I have a new animation for you.

For this final project we took the same character we've been working with and animated him to a sound clip. We had a handful of clips to choose from, and we were supposed to choose one that we didn't immediately recognize. I chose one that I thought was funny but didn't immediately recognize as any particular actor. After listening to it for about the 900th time (literally), I finally figure out that it was Steve Martin from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles", but I didn't remember that particular scene, which is the whole idea so that Steve's performance didn't influence my "acting".

That's right. Steve.

We're tight.

So here it is. Hope you enjoy. Check back for a new comic sometime tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Two Weiland Originals

Hi everybody. I'm not going to bother making up excuses today, I have no Wheezy original ready for you, again on account of school (ok - I did make an excuse). It seems like this month all my deadlines are hitting early in the week, and so I've had to just push things off a little tiny bit.

But don't worry, this week is PACKED with goodness from the ol' blog. Look for a new 3D animation on Wednesday, as well as a new Wheezy comic on Thursday. Not only that, but as the title of this blog might suggestion, today you are getting 2 never before seen on the internet Weiland original comics, done my very own mother!

Back when my cousin Heather first began college, she wasn't enjoying things quite as much as she had expected (not all colleges give you homework involving watching cartoons and playing with juice boxes). My mom, being the wonderful person that she is, decided to create a series of comic strips that she then sent to Heather to lift her spirits a bit.

This was quite some time ago, but I remember when I saw my mom making these comics I thought it was awesome. So after she discovered my little comic endeavors online, I asked her if she still had the old "Heather" comics. She did.

So here you have it - 2 Gail Weiland original comics for your reading enjoyment.

(Click to Enlarge)

(Click to Enlarge)

Keep checking back for more stuff later in the week.

3 comics and a 3d animation?
Show me a blog that gives you more original stuff than this one and I'll eat my hat.

Luckily for me my hat is made of fruit roll ups.

Did I mention that this is my 100th post?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Learning to Walk Again....

Well I promised you new animation and that you shall have.

The last two projects involved an actual biped character, so I've had to move on from juice boxes.
The first involved making this character (The Blue Guy) get up from one chair and walk to another. He was also supposed to convey some sort of emotion - in my case I chose "fear"... but really this was all about getting the mechanics of a walk down.

In the second project we were supposed to show a change of emotion. We were given a certain selection of scenes to choose from, and I chose the one where the blue guy is on a blind date. In my scene, he's not excited about his blind date, as it was his mother who set him up on it. (Thank goodness for mother's who don't subject their sons to blind dates)

I took a little from some old Tex Avery cartoons for inspiration on that one.

One more project to go for the month. I'll be sure and post it up here for y'all once it's done.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Guest Web Comic

Today I've got a special treat for y'all. Johnny Nguyen has been kind enough to make a guest comic for me to post today, as my current school schedule has kept me pretty busy of late.

I linked to Johnny's (mildly NSFW) digital comic book a few weeks back, and I asked him if he'd be interested in posting a guest comic sometime. He agreed. So without further ado, I give you the first ever Johnny Nguyen web comic original. Enjoy!

i guess what i was trying to accomplish here was perhaps give a little insight into a guy’s mind. i’d say, usually, a guy is overly optimistic about himself (how good looking he is, etc.) and girls the other way around. i find myself doing that sometimes and i catch myself, as it’s better to be humble than arrogant. but perhaps the only good thing is that it keeps guys from becoming depressive saps, who cry whenever they watch the Notebook. anyways, hope you enjoy the comic and thanks wheezy for inspiring me to get off my lazy butt.

thanks, johnny

(Click to Enlarge)

PS: Keep an eye out in the upcoming week for some more animations by yours truly.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back to School

During the process of deciding whether or not to quit my job and go back to school, I would frequently bounce my thoughts off a fellow alumni from college round 1, as well as one of the smartest guys I know, one Mr. Cody Ebberson.

I wanted to hear his opinions on my possible change in career direction because Cody was also considering returning to academia. Instead of going back to draw cartoons however, he decided to go the route of seven US Presidents and get his MBA at Harvard University.

I know I've been slightly delayed in my comic efforts of late, and I'd like to say it is solely because of the large work load I've been subjected to at Full Sail. Then I talk to Cody, and realize how ridiculous that excuse really is.

(Click to Enlarge)

Hopefully putting him in one of my comics will net me a cushy job animating a stock market ticker or something once he's a bajillionaire.

Don't forget to check out my latest animation in the previous post if you didn't yesterday.

Monday, December 03, 2007

This Message is Cody Ebberson approved...

I don't have a comic for you today. Again.

I know what you're thinking. "This reminds me of dark times in days gone by when Wheezy's comics would have months... nay... years between publications. I feel the end of the world is near. All must repent!"

Please don't do anything drastic people, let me explain. This month I'm taking a class called Character Animation, and so far it has been more demanding than any classes I've had before it. It's also been the most enjoyable. I have a project that's due today, and instead of taking Sunday night to make a comic like I normally do, I continued toiling away on my animation in the hopes of getting it as finished as possible before the final turn in.

So I, once again, apologize for comedic delay. Your comic enjoyment will continue tomorrow - so please check back.

Unlike last week's delay however, you get BONUS comedy as sort of a stop gap to a new comic. I hope you enjoy, since, although I would have a hard time turning down a career in web comics (I'm looking at you Penny-Arcade), this is what I actually want to do somewhere down the road.

The goal of this project I've been working on was to take an inanimate object, in this case a juice box, and make it seem alive. I wrote out a scene, sketched some ideas out on paper, then started animating.

So here you go. I hope you like it.

YouTube is being a little finnicky today, so if that embedded video isn't working, you can download the file here.