Friday, January 12, 2007

Ninja Monkeys

This is one of the many t-shirts I created while working at National Instruments. Andy Fenley is a big fan of the trifecta - monkeys, pirates, and ninjas, and so when he brought together a ragtag bunch to try and win a dodgeball tournament, he naturally chose the team name "Monkeys out of Nowhere". When asked to design the shirt, the images I produced seemed appropriate.

I was always a little iffy as to what should be the front and what the back, but ultimately I decided on the slogan "Where'd that Monkey come from?" for the front, so that way you'd have to look at the back to see the team name.

Actually, I just like it when people check out my backside.

The idea was for the second image to be in the small middle of the back, that spot where you can never scratch.

In case you were wondering, our dodgeball team lost in the second round. Oh, and the shirts never actually were made. But it was a B.A. concept, if ya ask me.

Don't worry. Pretty soon I'll be out of old creations and I'll have to start posting something new. I'm making an effort to draw something every day ... so at the very least I'll get some sketches up here. As soon as I find a scanner, that is.

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