Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Quite the original title for a post, I know. But Merry Christmas all the same.

Currently I'm celebrating with the folks in a very digital fashion. Mom's playing her new laptop, I'm enjoying the newly set up wireless on my laptop, and Dad is watching the Dallas/Eagles football game on his 60" plasma, which I also happen to be enjoying. All in all, not too shabby.

The big gift for yours truly this year was quite a surprise. My mom contacted my advisor at Full Sail and asked what materials I would be needing for school come March. He informed her that I would be required to purchase a Mac Book Pro through the school (something I was completely unaware of ... thanks Jack ;) ) and that it had most of the software I needed.

However, it would not have a copy of Maya, a popular 3D animation program that the school would utilize heavily. It would be of great use to me if I were to get it. Don't worry, it's only $7,000.

That's like... two Kias.

Well my parents, being the savvy folk that they are - got a student copy through one of our neighbors, kids, friends. I was floored. So thanks Mr. Phillip H. I appreciate your contribution to my dream ;)

Merry Christmas everybody.

Be sure to check out my boy Mueller's Blog today. Every Christmas I enjoy watching the old Star Wars movies on TBS or TNT or wherever they play, but I'd never seen the Star Wars Christmas special. After seeing the first 10 minutes, I think I know why.

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