Friday, March 02, 2007

We All Grow Up Sooner or Later

In non-school related news - my mom recently retired, and as such has quite a bit more time on her hands than she used to. My dad and I gave her a laptop for Christmas, and since then she's been using a computer much more than she ever had previously. Probably not reading RSS feeds in the bathroom (who does that... *Cough*), but she's becoming internet savvy fairly quickly

Since we usually enjoy playing Scrabble while I'm at home visiting, I thought we could leverage her newfound enthusiasm for the interwebs by playing some online Scrabble. This morning was our first game, and just like when playing her in person, my juvenile mind kept forming words that were best left un-played.

(Click to Enlarge)

I dunno about everyone else, but I'm always sure to have a browser with Urban Dictionary up when I play my mom in Scrabble.

On a side note - this particular comic is a bit larger than previous ones. Does everybody elses' browsers scale it down appropriately? Let me know if you're having problems seeing things.


Tyler said...

Hey Dan,

Good luck in school! If you didn't know I'm in Chicago now. It's cold. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

awesome stuff, as usual. with emily outta town, not sure how to let you know i've got a poker game myhouse sunday night, at 645pm, if you're interested. let me know bud.

Johnny said...

Or you could stick to the basics and play at it has helped ella, krista, and i through a number of finance and strat mngt classes this semester.