Friday, March 09, 2007

Pleasant Surprises

Well, the first week of class is over and I don't want to do anything crazy like shoot myself in the head or have sex with Rosie O'Donnell. Even if I did want to do something that crazy, me and my boy Mueller have a death pact with regards to throwing myself at a sea of Crisco lesbian.

Class actually went really well. This month will be filled with arguments regarding right vs. wrong, Freud, and other wonderful things from the world of Philosophy and Ethics. I'm sure Clay is ecstatic on my behalf.

In other news regarding my life down here in the wang of the US, today I went and got a Florida driver's license. This puts me approximately 5 months ahead of my eventual driver's license acquisition after moving to Texas. The process, unlike in Texas, was immediate. I made an appointment with the DMV online, showed up and was out in 20 minutes with card in hand.

In Texas, I had to give up my Nebraska license and wait for quite some time before getting a decent replacement. They just handed me a little piece of paper that a 3rd grader could have forged. Grocery stores, gas stations, bars - nobody took that thing as proof I was 21.

It was.... painful.

(Click to Enlarge)

I actually had a passport at the time, but while the country of Italy was totally cool with it as a valid form of ID, the Tiger Mart on Mopac and Duval would not let me buy a case of Bud Light.

Score 1 for Florida.


Texas Katie said...

Wheezy ! Don't hate on Texas ! You had good times ! And our tolls aren't nearly as bad as Florida...remember????

D Wheezy said...

I'm not hating on Texas per se. Just never made any sense to me why I had to wait 2 weeks to get a license.

LauraJean said...

It's a good thing the ID process was speedy, as you have said(or illustrated) yourself that legality could make you a faster friend among your first-year classmates.

Ross said...

Remember Dan, we don't know how long it actually took to get an ID. The letter was abandoned in the old entertainment center for months, the whole time you were blaming the state of Texas.

D Wheezy said...

That's probably what made me jump on it a little faster this time - the opportunity cost in under-aged friends.

And while admittedly the state of Texas was not completely to blame for my last ID acquisition, not all of the time was due to a lack of a proper mail sorting system. Most of it though.

I think I still have some of Blair's mail with me in Florida.

Double M said...

So I went to my Grandma's this weekend and I could only access the Internets through my phone. I could read your blog and I could see that there were comments but I couldn't see the comments or look at the comic. I think that may have been worse than not being able look at the Internets.

Anyway, I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out if "...Blair's mail with me..." could be followed up with that's what she said.

In the end, I decided that it doesn't make sense, but its still kinda funny - like the name Larry Hardiman from your Interesting Internets link.

In other news, I think Katie's boob gets a little closer to popping out everytime I see her profile picture.