Monday, March 05, 2007

The Psychology of Ethics

I'm registered, I'm orientation-ed.... oriented I guess, and I've got all my materials for the first month of classes.

Scratch that, first month of class.

Indeed, this first month I'll only be taking one class. Since this is a Bachelor of Science I'll be getting, there are some General Education requirements that go along with all the awesome animation stuff I'll eventually be learning. Since I've already got one of those BS things, I get to skip out on a few classes here and there. This first month is supposed to entail two classes (for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week). "English Composition", and "Ethics and Psychology".

Well luckily for me, I already have an English minor so Full Sail decided to let me pass on English Comp stuff. Or maybe because they're so impressed with the flowing prose of my blog. Regardless of the reason, that means March is a Tuesday and Thursday undertaking - probably the lightest class load I've ever had at any level of school, with the minor exception of that one class taking up 8 hours on each day.

I wonder why, in this accelerated Bachelor's program, they picked certain gen ed stuff to cover and not others. I'm sure there's some guidelines that they must follow to be accredited, but why Ethics and Psychology? I guess so we don't end up being a bunch of animators that lie to their professors, audience, customers, or constituents.

(Click to Enlarge)

Class starts tomorrow. Hoycha!


Marshall said...

hahaha nice.
i like the drawings on the chalk board :)

FDisk said...

Hey D, I didn't know where else to send you this so I guess I'll leave my comment here.

In order to make clean lines I do the following:

1) If it's for web publishing create a document at 72 DPI and whatever size you want it to be. Then change the DPI to 300 (It will make it much bigger). Once you are ready to publish it change it back to 72 DPI.

2) As you can see by my tutorials I do a messy drawing first; then I go over it with "ink". For this I just use a regular Photoshop default round brush, 100% opacity, 100% hardness. I do every line in one quick stroke (It can be tricky) and I use my shoulder and elbow to make my strokes rather than my wrist. It helps to have a big tablet, but it's not necessary.

I hope that helps!

Alaina said...

I also enjoyed the chalk board drawings - made me wonder what exactly the lecture was about...

emily marie said...

HOYCHA!!! :)