Monday, February 19, 2007

Too Little Too Late National Lampoon's

Apparently somebody over at National Lampoon's is reading my blog. Because they're completely ripping off my ideas.

But, despite this incontrovertible evidence that they straight ripped me off. I've decided not to press charges. After all, National Lampoon did give us so many wonderful hours of entertainment. I'll let this one slide.

Of course, maybe it was just such an obvious joke about two pieces of pop culture that I really shouldn't blame them. Although I did think of it / implement it first.

I guess this means I'm as funny as National Lampoon.

That might be a bad thing.

Speaking of plagarism - this is an extremely interesting article about the Stand-Up Comedy scene. IAnd if you didn't see it a few days ago, check out the Carlos Mencia / Joe Rogan thing on my Interesting Internets feed.

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Anonymous said...

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