Friday, February 02, 2007

Aqua Teen Terror Force

I dunno if any of you have heard about this, but recently there's been a little bit of a bomb scare in Boston.

Cartoon Network has been using some guerrilla marketing (of a higher caliber than Sony's, I suppose) for their upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Essentially what they did was put up magnetic signs feature a their Mooninite character flipping passerbys off. According to reports, the signs had some "dangly" wires, were "covered" in duct tape, and lit up at night. Here is the daytime representation:

They put these signs up in 10 major cities, including New York, Seattle, LA, and Chicago to name a few. Well two weeks later, Boston had a minor breakdown. Some people thought these billboards were bombs, so they called the police. They, in turn, shut down some interstates, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars mobilizing their emergency teams, that sort of thing.

I understand how the citizens of Boston must have felt. I know I'd freak out if I ever saw lights in a city at night.

Now the guys in charge of the marketing idea have been arrested, and Turner Broadcasting may be forced to pay out a huge settlement to the city of Boston.

If only Jack Bauer had been on the scene... maybe this could have all been avoided.
I've heard he likes to swear.

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Double M said...

Well done, sir.

You have successfully captured my man-crush for Bauer in 4 simple frames...and you made a great season of 24!

emily marie said...

The hair looks great. I especially enjoy your use of the bald agent who can still grow a vibrant mustache. :)

D Wheezy said...

Quick update on the ridiculousness of this whole thing: