Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Plagiarism is Fun

I've recently rediscovered my love of comic books, in no small part due to the TV show Heroes. I've heard some people call that show the new Lost (although I'm still absolutely on the Lost bandwagon), and I've heard other people claim it has already jumped the shark.

Regardless, I watched all the episodes online, then pretty much went straight to the nearest comic book store and picked up some Spidey comics. Then I decided to sketch some of the pictures directly out of there and show everybody how well I can draw... things that other people already drew... better than I did.

Anyway, here's some Cyclops and Spider-Man goodness.

I apologize for the half naked dude in this post. My bad.

That's Colossus in the background of the Spidey image. I always love how Spider-Man's cloth eye holes can change size to express his emotions. I wish they would have figured out how to do that in the movies. Apparently here, Spider-Man is confused. Or he's got some dust in his right eye.

In the hopes of not completely alienating the few readers I have by turning this into a blog about Spider-Man, if anybody has a request for a sketch of something or whatever, throw a comment my way. It'll be good practice.


EverettLO said...

Damn. That's quite a bit of improvement since 4th grade! Almost makes me wish I had kept at it.

Welcome back to the comic book fold. It snagged me back in a few years ago after a long absence. It's a bit like herpes, what with the periods of dormancy and flare-ups.

Or so I'm told.

D Wheezy said...

Ha, thanks bud. I don't even know if my return to comics counts - I just picked up a bunch of Ultimate Spider-Man ones .. so I'm basically just paying for updated versions of all my old stuff anyway.

Got any recommendations for somebody looking to "branch out" ? You got a blog or just a blog account?

Herpes is a bitch.

Berto said...

Greetings Wheezy! I just saw you linked from Minh's blog. This is good stuff, I'm jealous of your right-brained talents.

Hope all is well for you buddy, keep on bloggen!

D Wheezy said...

Thanks Berto - hope all is well in Sales-land.