Monday, November 22, 2004

Yeah, I suck and I know it

Ok - so I went from 3 a week to 2 a week... and now it seems like I'm destined to post only 1 a week.

These things take some time to draw people.

I realize it's no excuse... and I'll do my absolute best to keep from sliding into the 1 a week category. And just to prove my resolve in this matter, I am not sleeping tonight until a new comic has been posted this very evening.

Feel free to AIM me during the night with disparaging / encouraging remarks.


stolee said...

hey man, i know how long it takes to make comics. I like your style, though, it's great. Also, sliding into the 1 comic a week isn't the worst thing ever, just try not to slip into the 0 comics a week...

Anonymous said...

Lazy ass