Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Haven't done an all nighter in a while. Why not?

I've been up making a website for my CSCE 430 class since around 8.
I'm not done because I'm retardedly making it Flash.

So, needless to say I'm not going to get a new comic up for Tuesday.

BUT I did run down the entirety of my collegiate Computer Science Projects and my contributions.

Just what you guys wanted I'm sure.

It is kinda interesting to see all the different technologies I used though.
Wait wait... that's not right at all.


Fall 2000-2001
No Computer Science Projects

Spring 2000-2001
Computer Science 156H - Computer Science II
Project Description: Any Game in any Language
Teammates: Marshall Comisar, Jen Renter
Wheezy Contribution: Graphics
Technology Used: Adobe Photoshop, 3d Studio Max

Fall 2001-2002

Computer Science 230H - Computer Architecture
Project Description: Anything involving what we learned
Teammates: None
Wheezy Contribution: Simple 4 bit Adder
Technology Used: I can't remember. Not Flash.

Computer Science 235H - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
Project Description: Tutorial on Basic Data Structures
Teammates: Marshall Comisar, Cody Ebberson
Wheezy Contribution: 5 Flash Animations
3 relevant Animations
2 worthless Animations
Technology Used: Macromedia Flash

MIST 350H - Management Information Systems Technology
Project Description: MRP System
Teammates: Fatback, Cody Ebberson, Marshall Comisar
Wheezy Contribution: Flash Intro
Technology Used: Macromedia Flash

Spring 2001-2002
MNGT 331H - Operations and Resource Management
Project Description: ERP System
Teammates: Fatback, Cody Ebberson, Marshall Comisar
Wheezy Contribution: ERP System logo, color scheme
Technology Used: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop

Fall 2002-2003
Junior Design Studio
Project Description: 9-12 Games for Burger King Kiosks
Teammates: Michael Swan, Jen Renter,
Anne Gaffigan, Terry Treangan,
April Deitz, Tao Wang
Wheezy Contribution: Significant portion of 5 of the 9 games
Certainly my most worthwhile attempt.
Why? The project was SUPPOSED to be in
Technology Used: Macromedia Flash

CSCE461 - Software Engineering
Project Description: Book finding website that scours 12
different book websites for the best
prices on books.
Teammates: Jon Dokulil, Marshall Comisar
Wheezy Contribution: Website Design & Graphics
Technology Used: XML, XSS. Oh yeah, Macromedia Flash.

Spring 2002-2003
Junior Design Studio again

Fall 2003-2004
Senior Design Studio
Project Description: Pest and Pathogen Tracking System for
the USDA
Teammates: Brian Holley, Clay Stevens,
Brandy Hobbs, Lincoln DeMaris,
Alan Grow, Tao Wang
Wheezy Contribution: Questionable Leadership, Wookie,
Team Member of the Week Posters
Technology Used: For TMOTW posters, MACROMEDIA FLASH.

Spring 2003-2004
Senior Design Studio again

Fall 2004-2005
CSCE430 - Computer Architecture II
Project Description: Microprocessor and Home Security
Teammates: Jon Dokulil, Ella Reeves, Tracy Jamison
Wheezy Contribution: Website
Technology Used: Yup. Still Flash.

Man I'm a worthless pile. I don't think I've learned anything in college.
Have I mentioned that I draw all those comics in Flash?

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Anonymous said...

I think one of your greatest Flash creations was the one you showed at the JDE senior send off. That was good shit. You should put that online sometime.