Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Three good friends of mine recently qualified for the International Computer Science Programming something or another in Shanghai, China. It's kinda like the nerd olympics.

We got to thinking about how it's the classic underdog story, a group of ragtag Americans from the midwest vs. the super highly trained opposition, not a card in the deck to help them, nobody thinks they can win, etc. etc.

I thought it would make a good movie. (Props to Lincoln for sparking the idea)

To make up for the extreme laziness that has been my webcomics of late, I made it 1024 x 768.
In case any of you kids out there were in need of a desktop wallpaper.

Congratulations to Kaiser, Kell, and Lincoln. Try not to smoke too much opium over there.


Double M said...

I registered just to say that D to the Wheezy is off tha heezy, fo' sheezy.

Also, I was visitor 1000 and I was impressed by that.

Anonymous said...

Are those matrix characters in the russian's tattoo? That's hot. I love you Dan.