Saturday, November 06, 2004


So, in one of my classes there's a guy who sits in the front, always answers questions and asks questions and volunteers for stuff. So already, I don't really like him. Nobody should be that interested in what's going on. Lately it's gotten to the point where the teacher asks if anybody else would like to volunteer.

But on top of that, Friday, the kid pulls out a pair of knitting needles and starts knitting during class. He's still staring at the board, paying attention, but he's knitting.

I can only imagine he's making it for the professor in an attempt to get a good grade, which is kinda understandable in a weird overachiever sorta way, and wants to make sure she knows he actually made it. Or maybe he's just a huge tool. Well, he's a huge tool either way.


Kerjo said...

It tooks me a little while to figure out that you actually drew those comics. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Hahha... that's classic. I would fucking love to crochet during class.