Friday, January 25, 2008

Things they are a Changin'...

You may have notice that things look a little different around here at the ol' blogspot. Good eye friend. Nothing takes you by surprise.

I could tell you the change was an attempt to get away from the "Blogger" look, but that'd be a lie. This is just a modified blogger template. So you can still see many other blogs that look almost identical.

The real reason is because I posted that video on Monday and it was overlappying the sidebar on my screen - which really annoyed me. Sometimes I think I have a little OCD in me... but then I glance quickly around my room and realize that certainly isn't the case.

Dad you can verify that.

Also, now I should be able to post comics in their full size right on the blog page itself. No more "Clicking to Enlarge". Bonus!

Anyway, as a special treat to bring in the new blog design, I have another Stage 6 hosted video to share with you. The following short film is a movie called "The ChubbChubbs!". Some of you may have seen it before as it was released in theaters along side Stuart Little 2 and Men in Black II.

It won an Academy Award for best Animated Short that year (2002), and it was kind of a testing ground for Sony's animation studio before they took on full length feature films like Open Season and Surf's Up.

So without further ado, The ChubbChubbs!.

I'm planning on posting a video from the world of animation every Thursday from here on out, so make sure to check back often. Also, if you come across any good animations in your own searches, feel free to drop them in the comments.


Ross said...

I like what you've done with the place.

Rishi said...

nice redesign. I also clicked on an ad!

D Wheezy said...

Thank you Ross. I appreciate your input on my blog going forth.

And more importantly thank YOU Rishi. Click on those ads. Click on them all day and night from every computer you come across. What was the ad you click on, just out of curiosity.