Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

-----------COMIC BOOK SPOILER ALERT-----------

I'm about to reveal something about the world of Spider-Man (comic book Spider-Man, not movie Spider-Man) that may ruin some plot points for anybody who is attempting to stay caught up on Spider-Man related things, specifically the series called One More Day.

The only person who I know of that reads my blog that this might apply to is Mr. Fenley. For the rest you who don't care about the Spider-Man plot lines, read on good people.

Recently in the world of Marvel, Spider-Man and Mary Jane broke up. Specifically, Peter and MJ made a deal with a character called Mephisto, a villain who essentially represents Satan in the Marvel Universe. This bargain was struck not to avoid a sticky settlement in divorce court, but rather in an attempt to save Aunt May's life.

Now that Spidey is unattached and on the prowl, I gotta wonder how a super hero goes about looking for love. The traditional means can be difficult even for the suavest of wall-crawlers. I imagine that technologically savvy guy like Peter Parker might try out the latest and greatest in social networking options out there.

Then again, those present their own unique challenges.

(Click to Enlarge)

Big thanks to Double M for helping me flesh out the comic this week.


Andy said...

Thanks for the spoiler warning, but I had seen this particular plot. I hadn't really been keeping up with the plots for Spider-man after Civil War. One thing though...since Mephisto removed Mary Jane and Parkers marriage from history, shouldn't Spidey have been looking for another girl all along? :)

These types of plot twists make me think I should be reading nothing but the Ultimate universe from Marvel.

Double M said...

Dude. The ad on the side of your blog right now is for something I've never heard of: Zombie Spider-man.

Can we get a video of this Zombie Spider-man? Does a zombie Spider-man move slow like in Dawn of the Dead? Or is it a quicker version like in 28 Days Later, making it sort of like an Aliens' alien/Spider-man hybrid which would be the scariest thing ever invented. Does this hybrid then fight Predators? Do the bad guys now become good guys to fight the alien-hybrid Spider-man? Can he shoot web and acid? Would also recommend that this hybrid Spider-man apply to

Oh man, Imaginationland just got real scary.

Also, who new Wizard still existed?

D Wheezy said...

Actually, there's a whole Marvel Zombies Universe that I won't get into, but check out the wiki page to find out more.

I actually met the main artist for that series, Arthur Suydam, at a signing for the Marvel Zombies hardcover. He did a pretty sweet sketch for me that is reminiscent of an old Spider-Man comic I have.

While I was finding that "scan", I happened across this picture of me wearing the black Spidey mask that came with my copy of Spider-Man 3. It was a kids size... but I managed to get it on.

I blacked out and I assume did evil deeds (on account of the symbiotic mask) but emily informed me later that I just couldn't breath and asphyxiated.

D Wheezy said...

Oh yeah. Nintendo Power is still around too.


Andy said...

Nintendo Power just got bought out didn't they?

Double M said...

I just spent the last 5 minutes reading that entire wikipedia page about Marvel Zombies. That sounds nuts. Unfortunately, it didn't say anything about but perhaps they would have generated by that point...

B Vasquez said...

Yeah the Marvel Universe is insane now, with like 17 different versions of everything, hard to keep track of now. It actually turned me away from reading Marvel as much (after Civil War) and now I only read The Amory Wars

jangel said... hilarious!

i guess we're even now though. i was gonna do an online dating comic strip for my character and i already did that one with him in front of the tv.

thanks again for the ride.

D Wheezy said...

Ha! Beat you to the punch... line.

Although I have to imagine that somebody already did a comic on the generic topic of online dating some time in the past - so do what you like.

No problem on the ride.

Lance said...

Dear Mr. -man


D Wheezy said...

Thank ya Mr. Lance. Glad to have ya back in town.