Monday, January 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Over this last weekend a group of my good friends from Texas and Nebraska came down to the Orlando area to visit little old me, which was awesome.

I love it when people come to visit me, but the one apprehension I have about such gatherings is figuring out how best to entertain my guests. Should we go to Disney? Universal? What other Orlando attractions might pique their interest? It's always hard for me to decide.

Luckily, this particular crew didn't have any qualms about lounging about the house for a few days, eating out and playing video games. These are friends of the highest calibre.

Throughout the weekend a few ideas for unique Floridian entertainment did crop up, but it seemed like every time something kinda threw a wrench into our impromptu activity brainstorms.

(Click to Enlarge)

Thanks again to Ross, Maggie, Blair, Andria, Matt and Andrea. I had a blast and I hope you did too. If you guys decide to make a couple of purchases at Best Buy maybe we can get the band back together before too long.


Ross said...

I'm not sure I'm deserving of any credit. All I did was spend about 3 hours talking about ideas that we didn't really end up using.

Anyways it was a great weekend indeed.

D Wheezy said...

Too late. You're name is on the strip, forever enshrined in the webernet as a co-writer.

Jenni said...

Excellent use of the word "pique."

jangel said...

awesome! please continue the spidey dates a goth chic storyline! because if i was a superhero, that's exactly what i would do!

D Wheezy said...

Thanks Jenni. I have a like words that make me sound smart.

I was actually thinking that I was starting to use Spider-Man a bit too much lately... but maybe I'll make a seperate Spidey comic just for you Johnny.

I'm sure Stan won't mind.

Double M said...

Just for the record, I enjoy this weeks writer's credit even more than the last considering all I could think of this past weekend was Rock Band...