Monday, January 28, 2008

Nefarious Scheming

I don't know how many people actually check out my "Interesting Internets" links in the sidebar, but I suspect the number is rather low. Which is understandable considering the infrequent nature in which I shuffle things over there.

But once in a while I link to something I feel is note worthy. One such tidbit was a video with regards to a movie in the works called "Choke". This is a movie based on a novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, who also happens to be the author of Fight Club.

Palahniuk has many other novels as well, one of which (Survivor) was on its way to becoming a movie around 2001. It never made it because the subject matter of the novel involved the hijacking of an airplane... sensitive material around that time. Donnie Darko suffered a similar fate, being limited in the number of theaters it was released to for the same reason (Darko would later enjoy brisk DVD sales that elevated it to a somewhat cult status).

Sometimes I think that perhaps the terrorist threat isn't as straight forward as we had originally imagined, and that a mastermind had schemes of a more sinister and unpredictable nature.

Don't forget to check back on Thursday for another animation video.


Ben said...

two things.

when i first clicked on your comic a picture of some dude wearing devil horns showed up.

and two i just finished choke and am looking forward to the movie. dont know if it will be as good as fight club, but not many movies can be.

B Vasquez said...

I'm hoping its the fact that the music Sundance used was the main reason for this, but Choke does not look as good as I expect it to be. Maybe its because even though Fight Club strayed from the book, it was an amazing movie. Choke looks a lot more amateur (in the way the camera looks but again, maybe I'm wrong) and doesn't have the tone I would have liked to see (again from the small bits in the video). I hope I'm wrong but this video has made me feel that this version of Choke may not be as good as I expected.

Arajay said...

Hey bud, site looks good and keep working in the color images... makes it pop. See ya in the halls.

enliv comics said...

very nice comic and great attention to detail. it's awesome how every panel had multiple jokes in it. it's like a favorite movie, you can keep re-watching it and find something new everytime. nice fingernails...

D Wheezy said...

Yeah - It's hard to say how that movie is gonna end up. The biggest difference between Fight Club and Choke is that Choke doesn't have Daveid Fincher behind the helm.

That guy is good.

Yeah, maybe I'm stereotyping here, but I imagine terrorists hiding out in caves don't have access to fingernail clippers. But I could very easily be wrong.

D Wheezy said...

*David Fincher.