Monday, March 10, 2008

Upstream Engineering

This week marks the first of two comics for a little thing me and the boys over at Enliv are doing called "Sight vs. Write." For anybody who didn't catch last Monday's post, the idea is to challenge ourselves to make a comic without words, depending solely on the art to convey the gag, and then the following week depend completely on the writing itself, with minimal art to back it up.

I have to apologize in advance, as I'm not sure that the females in my avid readership are necessarily going understand today's comic. I doubt many of you ladies have had this particular type of experience, but hopefully the guys can relate to the sinister underpinnings of America's public sanitation industry.

Also weighing in on the "Sight vs. Write" debate, we have a submission from Mr. Andy Fenley, a co-writer on last week's comic. I'm inclined to like this one better than the original.

Certainly better than Mr. Brandon "Rick-Roll" Vasquez's similar attempt from sometime last year ;).

Don't forget to check back on Thursday for another animation from around the internet, and Monday for the completion of our "Sight vs. Write" challenge.

And if you're still looking for good entertainment - go see my utter thrashing in MM's first Skeet Thrower Fantasy Draft. Don't worry. It's safe for work. Although I guess my parents don't really have to worry about that anymore.


emily marie said...

Haha- well I started out in the College of Engineering at UW but changed my major because I couldn't find a specific discipline that caught my fancy. As a female I clearly should have considered fluids engineering with a career in the urinal cake industry. Brilliant!

Andy said...

That test chamber in the last frame is kinda like the bathroom window at the Aquarium but in reverse. I actually took a
of the reverse of this in Vegas.

D Wheezy said...

It's never to late to change em. If you could make a urinal cake holder that didn't spray the front of my pants with urine I'd be most grateful. You'd probably be ostracized from the female population, but hey. Sacrifices must be made.

After I typed that I checked out Andy's picture. Apparently somebody has already made such a sacrifice. How does that work Andy? Was it effective?

I notice there's still no urinal cake in that one. I guess I assumed that those things were meant to keep the cakes from being flushed... is there another purpose?

LauraJean said...

So much I didn't know...or want to know probably.

Also, I'm convinced that Ross is somehow cheating (or just voting for himself a bunch) in the draft.

Andy said...

It worked pretty well. As Hammond says in Jurassic Park, they spared no expense. They also had the cake in the bottom, but in general I found that just peeing into the corner of the urinals works just as well. I would recommend trying it out.

enliv comics said...

i usually just stand a good foot or two away from the urinal. sure it looks weird, but no spots. haha.

hey, nice artwork wheezy. great details into your characters and especially the artwork framing/setting of the last panel.

D Wheezy said...

I imagine that method of yours causes some... awkward situations in the men's room at work. Plus it's impossible to maintain a stream until you're done, so what... you walk towards the urinal as you go?

For me at least, that would create more stains than it would prevent.

Tom Selleck said...

I love the new comic. It is the perfect marriage of content and design. I love the facial expressions on the lab women through the whole thing. I can not say why, but that stuck out with me.

Regarding the graphic updates on last week's edition, I really think I like the original. It is a tough call, and I can see how the updated version brings something new to the table, but the 1st one just feels easier on my eyes.

Tom Selleck said...

BTW, I just piss in the floor drain. I am Tom Selleck damnit! Who is going to tell me I can't!

D Wheezy said...

Thanks Mr. Selleck!

You can urinate anywhere you want as far as I'm concerned. You say the word and I'll be your body guard to keep the riff raff away while you relieve yourself on their cars.

Double M said...

What nationality is the (not to sound racist) dark skinned dude (or is that a chick, I can't tell) with the blond flat-top mullet.

I want to know who told him/her that was a good color/hairstyle for him/her. And then I would like to shake that person's hand because at least while I'm peeing on myself I can have the satisfaction of knowing that the guy/girl that helped make the thing that is deflecting my pee back onto my clothes looks like a douche.

D Wheezy said...

It's a chick, first of all. Throughout the duration of the drawing process the characters got shifted around quite a bit, so what used to make it obvious (the boobs) have now been obscured in pretty much every panel.

And I'm not really sure what nationality / ethnicity she is. I just try to pick different skin tones for all the characters to keep everybody from being the same pasty white as the "Dan" character. If I had to guess, I'd say based on the hair style and skin tone that she was an Egyptian who discovered blond hair dye. Or possible a darker skinned Gwen Stefani.