Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fifty Percent Grey - Ruairi Robinson

This week we've got an award winning short from 2002, "Fifty Percent Grey". The guy who created it, Ruairi Robinson, did all the work for this piece (with the exception of sound) over the course of 6 months for a grand total of 10,000 Euros (that's about $15,000 folks).

According to Robinson's website, the film was shown at 70 international film festivals, including Sundance, and garnered awards for Best Short at London Effects and Animation Festival, The Empire State Film Festival, and the Dresden FilmFest, just to name a few. "Fifty Percent Grey" also nabbed an Oscar nomination that year, but was beat out by Pixar's "For the Birds". (Shocking that Pixar won an award, I know. Did I mention they won several awards for those commercials I shared with you last week?)

Look for more of Robinson's work in 2009 when the live action remake of "Akira" is released. But for now, enjoy "Fifty Percent Grey."


emily marie said...

Thank you for adding positive relief with the "For the Birds" link. Although your featured video is thought provoking and deep I always prefer the bright colors and jazzy soundtrack of a good Pixar short. :)

D Wheezy said...

Apparently the good people at the Academy agree with you.

enliv comics said...

wow, good stuff. but ever so slightly depressing. it'll be cool to see his stuff translated into a live action akira though. hopefully not as depressing.

Anonymous said...

I liked the gun. Was that a MAGNUM ;)