Monday, March 24, 2008

And then I pull out my GUN....!

I know that technically last week was supposed to be the end of the "Sight vs. Write" thing, but I had one more idea that I felt needed to be committed to digital ink before I moved on to comics with art in every cell. In a way this is a fitting conclusion, for it harnesses both the power of the written word as well as an artistic rendering, thus bringing me to the conclusion that I probably won't start painting miniature 800 pixel watercolors nor penning minuscule novels formatted into 3 to 4 individual panels. When it comes to webcomics, team work seems to be the key.

If you're not sure where the punchline is, it's entirely possible that you were watching a rerun of "Saved By the Bell" during 1991, so you might find these enlightening.

Or maybe you just thought it wasn't funny, in which case I will refer you to my comedic safety net. Be warned - following that link might lead to what those in "the biz" call an infinite loop.


enliv comics said...

very nice! i see you used a larger panel and even did some perspective fading on that last panel. and there's something that 'feels' different in teh last panel, something about the colors and the way you applied them. could be just me though.

funny comic too about the pogs. i grew up playing magic the gathering along with other CCGs and yeah, sometimes it did feel like you had to hide your true passions. but now that we've grown up, we can face our fears. frak it.

Double M said...

Time out. If you didn't watch the pogs videos Wheezy linked in his post, you need to go watch it (as a guy who watches far too much video on the intermets, I'm demanding it). Then go back and read his comic again and you'll laugh even harder.

I myself never collected pogs...I was too busy with Ninja Turtles and Legos, but my brother did. I remember he won a lot because he had a Torpedo Slammer that my parents got for him...

emily marie said...

I welcome your innovative products...I would display your miniature 800 pixel watercolors on my walls with pride and your minuscule novels formatted into 3 to 4 individual panels might be something I could actually finish reading in under a year. Sounds nice.

D Wheezy said...

Johnny: (I assume) The coloring difference you might be noticing is kind of a reverse shadow - i filled everything with shadow on a "multiply" layer then erased where i thought the light would be coming in from outside the closet. Similar to the Odin picture I did a few weeks back. Also the coats in the background have no definitive outline, making them a bit softer and hopefully more "backgroundy".

Dude, I had no idea you were into MTG. Next time I'm come over I'll bring out my red and black "Lord of the Pit" deck and we'll throw down.

Frak it indeed friend. April 4th we need to have a watch party.

MM: That torpedo slammer seems like cheating to me. You might as well just drop a dumb bell (dumbell?) on the stack and then claim them for your own. Also, if I had known you back then I would have introduced you to pogs slowly, first with ninja turtle pogs, then pogs made of legos.

em: Glad you are looking forward to my comic novellas and miniature water colors. Please feel free to pre-order them on Amazon. :)

enliv comics said...

wheezy, when you say "throw down", i can only assume you mean "lose horriblely" because i have a blue deck that will drown you in your sorrows. (haha, i think i actually do have some cards left but not sure how well it works as an actual playable deck anymore, but i'm up for trying!)

just got BSG season 3 on dvd. and it's got my fav episode with like 25 min of unseen footage, called "unfinished business."

and nice work on colors bud. always pushing the technological envelope!

Tom Selleck said...

Hmmm. Never played pogs. Never really knew the phenomena. I did throw down with a little Magic the Gathering. I became frustrated with it when a popular drinking game never solidified around their system. I play computer games now. There is something thrilling about taking your clothes off, greasing yourself up, opening a bottle of wine, and playing World of Warcraft with your closest internet buddies.

BTW- I really dug the last frame. I won't go into too much detail. I will just say it gave me wood.

D Wheezy said...

Johnny. A blue deck? What, like counterspells and clones? Puhleaze. You're done for my friend.

I'm glad that the last cell gave you ... uh... pleased you Mr. Selleck. I certainly wasn't gazing at this picture while I drew it.