Monday, December 24, 2007

Miracles Do Come True

Well another holiday, another wonderful experience in the world of commercial airlines.

Really though. Not even being the least bit facetious.

Admittedly, my flight was delayed getting into my connecting city, about an hour or so - which meant we touched down the same time my connecting flight should have been taking off. Fortunately though, that flight was delayed as well, allowing me just the right amount of time to get on board before it took off.

On top of that, one of my buddies from Full Sail was on the same flight, in the seat next to me - so I had some company that wasn't crazy or odorous. Plus, he had been given two drink vouchers for moving seats on the previous flight, and since he didn't drink he gave them to me.

In conclusion - made it to Omaha without being stuck in another city, plus a free drink. Honestly the best outcome I could have hoped for.

Well, maybe not the absolute best I could have hoped for.

(Click to Enlarge)

Merry Christmas!


Double M said...

The alien desk attendant person? Moderately believable. Spiderman? Not outrageous. Nintendo power glove? No one has those, but I guess it could happen. Red speaking bubbles? Unbelievable.

You went just slightly to far with this one...

D Wheezy said...

There's precedent for colored word bubbles my friend. Or is it just that they're specifically red?

jangel said...

i am a fan of the red bubble. it denotes an important or special person is using it. thus, should i ever guest star in your comic, i expect a yellow bubble.

and great as always. i love the blend of reality with comic art. i can't describe it, but it would sound like it shouldn't work, but somehow you pull it off without it looking cheesy or contrasting.

Minh said...

Yah not since Roger Rabbit has anyone so artfully blended animation with photos and injected it with such goody humour. Bravo!

Minh said...

Uhm that should have been "goofy" not goody, although I guess it's a bit goody too, in a good way.

D Wheezy said...

Wow. That's quite the compliment.

Funny thing is I just watched that movie today. No joke.

Thanks for the comments fellas. Minh, let me know if you want some cartoons amidst your awesome photography.

Andy said...

I love that you are drinking the beer with the power glove on. Without an NES I think its the best use possible.