Monday, July 09, 2007

McDonald's Meets the Eye

This is gonna be a fairly short post, as I'm currently sitting outside of a Motel 8 with free wifi somewhere along Interstate 40. I'm on my way back to Orlando after visiting friends and family in Austin and Arkansas, but since I made a promise in my blog banner, which as I understand it is legally binding in all United States and principalities, I had to make sure and get a comic up today.

Anyway, while in Austin we decided to celebrate the independence of our country by watching computer generated robots demolish a small portion of it, by which of course I mean I saw the Transformers movie.

Although I like the idea of driving a car that has a mind of its own, I think that its motivation may differ from my own occasionally, which could become problematic.

I suppose the only real requirement I would have for such a vehicle would be that it's easily duped.

Mild spoiler alert. The movie Transformers involves cars that turn into robots.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Feel free to gimme a ring today if you get bored. I'll be driving for a while.


Ben said...

im surprised this hasnt happened at least once.

Will said...

I like today's comic a lot. Nice touch on the "Bee-atch."

D Wheezy said...

I'm sure it probably has happened. They just don't want to advertise too much.

I unfortunately can't take too much credit for the "Bee-atch" bit. That was in the movie.

Oops ... should have added another spoiler alert.

Will said...

Hmm, probably not worth it see the movie anymore. I guess I'll just have to keep watching Evan Almighty over and over.

Speaking of, how do you think they convinced Steve Carell to do that movie. I mean, it seems like he could have his pick of movies. Why Evan Almight?!?

Matthew Johnson said...

Your comics make my Tuesdays worth living :-)

Travis said...


Ross said...

I think it was BEE YOTCH
I could be wrong.

D Wheezy said...

I'm ... uh... just trying to avoid copyright infringement.

Double M said...

Did you change your comic? Because it looks like an 'O' to me.

Also, I assume that Evan Almighty sucked thanks to Will's post. That is disappointing. I would have expected more from that chick who yelled "F*ck me, Santa" in Bad Santa. Oh, and Steve Carell, too. He was funny in Bruce Almighty, so I assume he thought this one would be funny as well. Plus he has a history with animals.