Friday, December 14, 2007

Learning to Walk Again....

Well I promised you new animation and that you shall have.

The last two projects involved an actual biped character, so I've had to move on from juice boxes.
The first involved making this character (The Blue Guy) get up from one chair and walk to another. He was also supposed to convey some sort of emotion - in my case I chose "fear"... but really this was all about getting the mechanics of a walk down.

In the second project we were supposed to show a change of emotion. We were given a certain selection of scenes to choose from, and I chose the one where the blue guy is on a blind date. In my scene, he's not excited about his blind date, as it was his mother who set him up on it. (Thank goodness for mother's who don't subject their sons to blind dates)

I took a little from some old Tex Avery cartoons for inspiration on that one.

One more project to go for the month. I'll be sure and post it up here for y'all once it's done.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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Andrew said...

Ah, the classic sexed-up wolf howl. I'd like to see someone pull that out in real life.