Monday, June 27, 2005

Moment of Clarity

Ok, Ok. I realize that I promised comics in February.
And I also realize, that it is now, in fact, June. Bordering on July.
Many of you have commented on this fact, but I think the situation was summarized best by the following post:

"Weblog. But without the posts...
Nice Dan, reeeaaal nice. It's time to put the beer down and do something that will keep me entertained on my lunch break."

I imagine that if my faithful readers hadn't given me so much crap about not posting, I still would have started up again eventually. But it might have taken an act of God. Or a bottling mishap over at Budweiser.

Anyway, without further ado - a new comic for you.


Howie Feltersnatch said...

Nice work Dan! So glad to see that you are back in action. Surely these last few months of libations have provided a wealth of material.

I'm expecting big things...big things.

stolee said...

you're back!

i wasn't even sure if you were still alive...

Johnny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
johnny mccarthy said...

Yeah! Dan is finally back. I look forward to more updates to come. However, since my work sucks and blocks all sites that are not "work related", I will have to resort to checking on my own time.

Omar said...

Well, I see Dan is back in his usual routine of post and forget about it for 5 months. I guess I'll visit back for the Christmas episode?
I'm petitioning to permenantly change the title from "Why not" to "Why bother."
Later kid.

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