Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looney Tunes - Chuck Jones

Hey there everybody. How ya doin'. Good? Good.

We just started our first class in a 5 month span in which I'll be making my demo reel, and our professor asked to to take a few minutes and remember why it was we wanted to get into animation to begin with (because, according to him, the next five months are going to test our desires a bit in terms of work load).

Well after thinking about it, there were a lot of factors in my life that got me started, but one of the earliest animations I can remember truly loving was pretty much any Looney Tunes short. The Disney shorts weren't being shown in front of movies anymore when I was a kid, and the Looney Tunes were playing pretty much in non-stop syndication, so I watched every minute, every episode, over and over.

Well, I managed to find a couple of them up on YouTube, and these ones in particular were favorites of mine. They also happen to be directed by Chuck Jones, one of the best known from Warner, at least by my age group.

Hopefully they'll bring back some fond memories for you too.

If you want more, Warner has been releasing them on DVD for quite a while now. Check 'em out here.


Shabutie said...

Boycotting blog, must have comic!

D Wheezy said...

At least I still post SOMETHING on my blog. As opposed to some I know, which in the distant future after mankind has been taken over by some alien species can be used to accurately describe a one week time period during May 2007.