Monday, February 25, 2008

Mustachioed Machismo

After the initial unveiling of the "Dan" character, I had a pretty good response from my readership. I started incorporating him in my comics more often, eventually phasing out the "Chad" character altogether.

Turns out there was a reason that I used Chad instead of trying to draw myself when this all started. He was easy to draw. "Dan" on the otherhand, was/is not. Initially I tried to redraw Dan every week so I would eventually become proficient, but as you can see by exhibits "A", "B", and especially "C", I wasn't getting the best results.

So I started cutting and pasting the "Dan" from previous comics instead of drawing him every week. I have to imagine this is frowned upon in the cartooning world, (it definitely is if you want to improve as an artist) but I'm certainly not the only one who occasionally falls into this bad habit.

At any rate, after my laptop died last week, I realized that I had lost all of my previous comic work - and thus, I didn't have my "cut and paste" crutch to lean on.

Relearning to draw myself was ... troublesome.

Thanks again to Mr. Mueller for helping me hash out the details of the comic this week.

Also, for those interested in Apple's customer support, I took my busted laptop into the Apple store on Saturday, and by Thursday morning I had a package containing my fixed laptop in my hands. Not too shabby.


enliv comics said...

so many questions!!! who is this chad character?? why did you phase him out?? why do you want to be like tom selleck?!! why can't i grow a mustache?!!! ARGHHHH

D Wheezy said...

Well, Chad was the first character I used for my web comic. I used "Chad" instead of myself in part because I wasn't sure that a comic that was purely "Dan" would work well enough to maintain regularly, but mostly it was because Chad was a simple character that was easy to draw.

These were the days before I had my Wacom, so I would draw in Flash with a mouse. Since Flash is a vector program it allowed me to adjust the lines after they had been "created" - so I would draw a straight line, then bend it to the shape I needed. It was somewhat limiting artistically, so when I designed Chad I was designing a character that could be replicated fairly easily using those tools.

After I used "Dan" in the Momma Knows Best comic, I received a lot of good feedback, both in comments and outside, that people liked Dan, so I just ran with it.

As for your last two quandaries, I believe the fact that you are lamenting the lack of mustache ability should be answer enough as to why somebody would want to be Tom Selleck. The guy's got what it takes in the mustache department.

Ben said...

tom selleck wears great shorts.

D Wheezy said...

That he does Ben. That he does.

Double M said...

I've been staring at Tom Selleck's face in your drawing for like 5 minutes now. I can't tell if its because its darker or if I have a 40+ man-crush on Tom Selleck.

Then I saw your images in the last comment. That last one was too much for me. I can't resist him any longer.

Right Click >> Set As Desktop Background...

Lance said...

Hey, Great comic. Selleck's awesomeness is bordering on Norrisian...But who was the comedian that Gallagher put on the chopping block? My best Guess was Mencia, in which case you should have given Gallagher a Spiked Mase instead of his signature sledgy...

D Wheezy said...

Thanks for the compliments fellas.

I'll tell ya this much MM, I didn't have to search very far to find those pictures - if you know what I mean. Let's just say it didn't require "the internet".

And Lance, you are correct - it is Mencia. See this post for the whole story.

emily marie said...

Man I really have been traveling a lot- I hardly recognize you! It must be that because I would never doubt your artistic wizardry. :)

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I love the Dan character. He is almost as sexy as the real thing ;)

Double M said...

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Selleck.

I was wondering if you could send me a full-size photo of the picture Wheezy posted above. You know, this one.

If you could sign it, "Come wash my back. Tom Selleck" that would be great as well.

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