Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Gentleman's Duel - Blur Studio

Today's animation is from a studio that is somewhat beneath mainstream radar when it comes to computer animation. California based Blur Studio does work mostly for television, so unless you're one of those people, you've seen at least some of their work whether you know it or not.

Recognize this guy?

He's the dancing robot near the front of the screen on the FOX NFL broadcasts. Blur Studio was responsible for that.

But I'm not going to link you to a commercial, Blur also does animation shorts such as the one I'm sharing today, "A Gentleman's Duel." Thanks to Mr. Fenley for pointing this out to me a while back.

See what I did there? romance AND robots in the video. Neatly tying together that dancing FOX thing and Valentine's Day.

Man I'm good.


Andy said...

I love that vid. Didn't the Fox sports robot get his ass kicked by the Terminator for the Super Bowl? Ah yes here it is.

Andy said...

By the way Wheezy your grace is also only matched by your boobies.

D Wheezy said...

Glad you enjoyed it good sir. Thanks for bringing it to my attention like, a year ago.

Anonymous said...

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