Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Overcast with a Chance of Miserable

As I mentioned yesterday, my trip home from a wonderful Thanksgiving was a bit of a mess.

Not surprisingly, the airline industry failed to deliver me to my destination in the same manner in which we had agreed upon when the ticket was purchased. It seems like any time I fly somewhere, my entire day is ruined by lots of horrible horrible things that stack up until all joy I had that day is crushed from my very being. In hindsight these terrible issues are usually just a bunch of tiny things that seem much much worse than they actually are because I'm stuck in an airport or a hotel.

On Sunday, however, I feel these grievances were legitimately catastrophic in nature.

(Click to Enlarge)


stolee said...

Pulls at the heartstrings in every frame. How do you write such moving drama?

Rishi said...

hahaha the comfort inn guy looks like such a sleaze bag

Double M said...

How was the bread? Good I hope.

James said...

Sounds horrable...Except for the broncos loseing.

D Wheezy said...

Really Stolee, the creative process starts with me scrambling to think of something entertaining at the very last second, and most often reflects what's happening to me at that very moment. Just like Falkner used to do.

In defense of the Comfort Inn guy, he was actually very cordial and nice. Or at least acted that way.

The bread was like biting into something left over from the Last Supper.

D Wheezy said...

The part that didn't make the comic was the moments of glee from watching the Raiders lose JR. I felt it would have taken away from the overall punchline.