Monday, November 19, 2007

Good for What Ales Ya

Now that I've been living in Florida for a while, I've had the opportunity to meet quite a few people. As some of you know, emily works for NASA, and because of this, I've attended a few parties dominated by employees of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Now that I've dipped my toe into the realm of freelance work - it's got me thinking about where the next opportunity might come from. Perhaps some of these new contacts in the government can hook me up with something down the road.

Heck. Maybe I can even drum up some more traffic for the ol' blog along the way.

(Click to Enlarge)

Thanks to Stephen for helping spur the idea for this one.


Ross said...

Hah! Great recovery from what I felt was a subpar comic last week. Now I want a beer.

D Wheezy said...

That comic made you want a beer? I thought that it was just part of the Ross way of life. Like breathing.

Breathing + Desire for beer = Ross

Double M said...

That alien has 2 tongues! Think of the possibilities!

If nothing else, that alien might be able to say the "word" I had to type in to post this comment: ffrpzwk

Ben said...

also with the alien, is his head on backwards? because what looks like sideboob can be seen on his back and there is a hint of asscrack on his front.

D Wheezy said...

It's an alien. Who knows.
Let's just chalk it up to crazy non-human anatomy and not the fact that I can't draw very well.

It was more obvious that he was turning his head when you could see the hand on the back of the chair... which I conveniently covered with a word bubble.