Monday, October 29, 2007

End of the month sleepy time...

I have two final projects due at 6:00 AM today (Monday). Then I have my next month's class starting at 1:00 PM.

It should be obvious to anybody who has ever picked up an Encyclopedia Brown novel that this insight into my schedule is a precursor to me telling you that I'm not going to have a comic in on time. Sorry about that. This school stuff is a lot tougher than round 1 up at UNL. Mainly because a teacher can fail you by saying "No.. that doesn't look quite right... I'm not sure what it is... but something is off." Stupid subjectivity.

Anyway, I'll get a comic in tomorrow, don't you worry. And to make up for it, I have a couple of extra treats.

First of all, here is one of my projects from an animation class. We were given a Knight character and told to animate him either sneaking, or walking. I chose sneaking, cuz that seemed like more fun. So here's that

The final project for that class was animating the same knight going through an obstacle course. I've been meaning to get that up here as well - hopefully I can manage sometime this week.

The second "I'm making up for reneging on the promise in my banner" goody is similar to my normal Wacom / Photoshop comics, in that it is a comic BOOK, made with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Johnny Nguyen, one of my buddies down here in Florida, recently came out with his first comic book. You can find it here (mildy NSFW - sorry Kevin):

Good stuff. Also - check out the "Behind the Scenes: Extra" features at the end. You might recognize a couple of people in those photo references.

Again, sorry again for the lack of comic. Check back tomorrow.


Kevin said...

Hey thanks Dan. My boss loves it when he walks by and I've got a naked cartoon chick on my screen. How about a (nsfw) tag when your linking to anime pr0n.

Now I know why the knight was sneaking around...

Kevin said...


Stupid blogspot denying me the ability to edit my last post. Now the world will know of my linguistic shortcoming when it comes to typing "you're" on "your" comments.

LauraJean said...

I LOVED Encyclopedia Brown books.

emily marie said...

Encyclopedia Brown is really ringing a bell from my childhood, but I can't quite place it. Can you help me out with a reminder? Of course I could do my own Google query but I know that dwheezy, laurajean or doublem will be able to find something much more entertaining. :)