Monday, August 20, 2007

Phallic Status Symbol

Now that I'm trying to get into the movie industry, I've started to think about all the different jobs that need to be filled in order to make a film. I've often said that I'd take just about any job in the business, because even as the coffee runner on the set of Half Past Dead, I would've at least had the opportunity to tell Don Michael Paul, "Seriously. Did Steven Seagal just say "a'ight" to Ja Rule? Really? That's how you're ending your movie?"

That being said, there are certain jobs that carry a little more clout than others. For example - anybody seen SuperBad yet? It's terrific - I highly recommend (as long as your aren't easily offended). Here's a clip from SuperBad:

(NSFW Embedded Video)

As I watched that scene, I found myself wondering how many people were required to film it, and more importantly... what was their job title?

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jangel said...

i thought that movie was funny but not as good as i was expecting i guess. was it just me or did the directors intentionally make things non-dated in there. it seemed like a 1980's movie but they had cell phones and even a playstation? and if you were into that kind of business, i guess you'd have a lot of repeat business from people, seth cohen, will farrel, and michael jackson.

Ben said...

i think this is gonna be one of those movies thats gonna be funnier each time you watch it because there are probably little things you dont catch the first time.

Double M said...

The reason the movie seemed retro is because they had relatively no budget for it. It pulled in over $30 million this weekend which more than pays for it. That said, I haven't seen that many penises since Euro Trip...fortunately, this movie is way better than that.

In any case, I love business card hijinks - they remind me of this clip from our boy, Tobias. Speaking of AD, did you see that Portia de Rossi is getting raunchy on Nip/Tuck?

Ross said...

How did this clip not get referenced?

Also, notice that guy's imdb page you linked to has his lone acting role as a bartender in Superbad.

Ross said...

Dammit. I gotta get up pretty early in the morning to beat Mueller. 7:30 am apparently, which I don't do.

So now I've comment-posted an AD clip that was already posted in your blog as well as another one that was comment-posted before me.

This is why Matt is better than me at the intrawebnets.

Paul said...

Dude, I thought the exact same thing when I was watching the movie. "Who had to draw all those Penii?"

D Wheezy said...

I think the reason it seemed like it was going to be an 80's/70's movie was the title, music, and style of the introduction (silhouette dancing). Once the cell phones popped out and they started talking about the Vagtastic Voyage internet site - I guessed that it was going to be set in modern times.

I'm not sure why I didn't post the Tobias clip. Probably because it would have given away the punchline of my comic, although it is, admittedly, funnier. I knew you guys would take care of it for me though.

Mueller is without question the best at the intrawebnets. Hands down.

Ross said...

Bastard, it's almost 3PM your time. Where's my comic?

Travis said...

Still better than

Tobias F√ľnke