Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm in ur browzer...

A few weeks back I made a post with regards to a picture that had been wandering around the internet for over a year or so called "I has a bucket". Basically it's a picture of a walrus that, by itself, is pretty hideously ugly and disturbing. However, some pioneering internet user added words to it, and it instantly became hilarious instead.

This practice is pretty common place on the ol' internets and The Google, in particular with cat pictures. Probably due to a well known scientific fact with regards to cats.

(Courtesy of xkcd Comics)

Here's a montage of the kind of images I'm talking about.

At any rate, it just so happens that the house I'm living in at the moment has 6 cats, 4 of which are kittens. When these little miracles of mother nature came into our house, naturally my first thought was to exploit them for comedic purposes. Unfortunately this was more difficult than one would think.

(Click to enlarge)


TK said...

Thanks for the link, bro. In all seriousness I hold your blog on the same plane as M^2.

Marshall said...

nice one ;)

Stobber said...

game graphic design posting, btw:

D Wheezy said...

I believe ya tk (tk? wha?). Thanks for the blog rolling love.

Thanks former roommate. Your infrequent comments hold quite a bit of weight behind them, due to their infrequency.

Thanks for the job posting Stobber, but I probably won't be searching for a few of months yet. Why in Oregon, man? Keep an eye out for those Austin jobs!