Monday, April 30, 2007

Spidey-Sense is Tingling

Anybody else excited for Spider-Man 3? I know I am.

I've been a Spidey fan for as long as I can remember. I owned comic books, trading cards, and tons of posters. I definitely went as the costumed Peter Parker for Halloween on more than one occasion. I think between my TMNT post and that last statement I have officially convinced anybody who used to think I was even remotely cool that I am, in actuality, not. If that doesn't do it - I used to own one of these. Talk about absurd super hero paraphernalia.

Speaking of absurd super hero marketing, I was walking through the super market the other day when I saw this:

So... Spider-Man lactates from his wrists now.

Into my breakfast. Ew.

After a little further examination it appears as though Spider-Man is actually just webbing the bowl, not shooting anything into the cereal itself. So now he's just stealing my breakfast, which I suppose is a little better than webbing it. Still, it makes me wonder what other cross promotional ideas the geniuses over at Sony thought of lately.

(Click to Enlarge)

On a side note - whenever I make a post to my blog, I do a significant amount of internet research before dropping my many humorous insights on the avid "Why Not" readership. For today's post, I found an interesting variety of limited edition cereals created to help promote movies and TV over the years. I thought I'd share.

I fed Pac Man cereal to a turtle I found along side the road once when I was little. We eventually donated the little guy to the Great Bend, KS zoo. I guess turtles like Pac Man cereal.

Yeah I totally ate this cereal many many times. I recall it being extremely sugary.

Ok, that one probably isn't real.


Jessica said...

The cartoon made me laugh about till I cried, touching something inside from a childhood of utter, utter nerddom. I think I knew well over 200 Marvel characters and their various backgrounds and histories when I was 11, as well as TMNT. Which is also why I burst into tears at the first X-Men movie. Between sobs of, "Oh, it's so true!" and "Perfect!" my friends realized that I was a lunatic.

But, you did forget Ghostbusters cereal, which I remember reading somewhere holds some kind of record as the longest time a branded cereal was continuously produced. OK... I'm going to go buy like, all

Matthew Johnson said...

My favorite of the cereal boxes is the Batman one, with its "Free Bank with purchase" advertisement. I wonder they had disclaimers about "Vault and FDIC insurance not included".

D Wheezy said...

Probably, the Batman cereal held no such disclaimer. For one thing, that was a more innocent time when people practiced a little common sense. For another thing, it's a 'effin BATMAN piggy (Batty?) bank. The only thing that could be more secure would be a Batman & Chuck Norris piggy bank.

Good catch on the Ghostbusters miss. In way of apology, here are a few more links.

Ross said...

AS requested, I'm checking out your blog from my trip, so you've got a hit from Panama now. Also Batman cereal was awesome. That is all.

Ben said...

looking at all those old boxes its amazing the cool shit you used to get in cereal boxes. now its always something really lame and you have to send 24 UPCs plus S&H and you still dont get it in the mail.

Andrew said...

The Star Wars cereal is certainly not surprising. Back when that last prequel was coming out they were slapping their IP on just about everything. I actually made a little movie around that time that is quite related. (It's probably funnier if you watch this first.)

Double M said...

I think I ate each one of those cereals growing up, thanks to commercials like these. Prolly explains a lot about why I am the way I am.

Also, sweet Mary Jane Watson quote in the comic - that is one of my favorite part of Spiderman 2.

Finally, I am very jealous of your TMNT toothbrush.

Double M said...

That comment looked a lot longer in the box.


That's what she said.

D Wheezy said...

A yes. Ninja nets. The most important weapon in the TMNT arsenal. Because you .. it's difficult to get out from under a net. Tangly.

Still a better weapon than a bo staff. Honestly.

Swid said...

Speaking of Spidey, you should read through this slide show about Spider-Man's developing emo side.

Your comic ties in disturbingly well with the first slide of the series.

D Wheezy said...

Looks like the internet agrees with me.

Which is kinda like agreeing with myself, since I'm contributing to the internet. I use the term "contribute" loosely.