Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Internets has (have?) Spoken

Aaaaand apparently my shirt isn't fit for print. 1.2 average score out of 5 after 24 hours of voting.

Not completely surprising, but there ya have it. I'm going to go ahead and assume that everybody was confused like Mueller and gave it a 1 when they meant to give it a 5.

Let me continue living in my own little fantasy world.

Thanks for voting everybody. I'll let you know if I try out any other t-shirt designs. Maybe I should slap a comic on a shirt and see what happens.


Andy said...

I would have bought your shirt Wheezy. Poor Wheezy.

Double M said...

1.2? That's bush league. There are a lot of bad people out there.

Do you have their addresses? I will go give each one of the the Stewie treatment.

I did give it a 5 yesterday (multiple times) by the way. You're still a big shot in my world.

Kevin said...

"Maybe I should slap a comic on a shirt and see what happens."
So, you're trying to see what the lowest score possible is? j/k

I don't know why you trust those Internets anyway. Why would a series of tubes want your shirt?

jangel said...

great shirt idea, but i guess something got lost on the translation, that's all. or maybe it's cause the shirt was green. should've gone with a pink shirt. management loves pink.