Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What, you mean like Robots?

Recently Google announced its intention to digitize thousands of books in a further attempt to control everything involved with the internet. A couple of friends of mine from work speculated that within a few decades, they would more likely than not become all powerful controllers of the world. Like in the Terminator or the Matrix.

I just hope they continue to keep things simple.


Anonymous said...

Digitizing books - ah, google, quite the enabler for college kids who want to stay out of the library and close to their instant messaging.


D Wheezy said...

Hey - if it means that future generations of UNL undergrads don't have to take a Library 101 class in their 9th semester, I'm all for it.

drew said...

Dan, if this goes we need to set up bookster and then let people trade their digital books freely. We can take a rake from the ads. Im sure itll be legal. Im sure itll just end up as file trader for porn magazines.

Anyhow....i linked your blog from mine.

Hi Alaina I see you above!!