Monday, January 10, 2005

Euro-Trip. But without the incest.

Hey there folks. Looks like I'm off to Europe for three weeks.

I figured something out during the month since my last post, and that is that my comics were simply a way for me to avoid doing real work, such as homework, tests, flash games, passing classes, graduating, etc.

So I apologize for the complete and total lack of comics in the last four weeks.
Do not fear though, for I will be taking a notepad with me to Europe so I can think up some hilarious, or at least mildly funny, stuff while riding on trains and plains and automobiles.

There are some, however, who don't believe me, and so she went ahead and made her own comic. Here is the very first Guest Comic to be unveiled on my blog, made by Miss Ella Reeves.

It can be found here. This comic was also made in Flash, I might add.

Anyway, look for more Wheezy originals in February. Hopefully I'll be able to make it there and back safely.